2016 – 2018 // the blue trees by konstantin dimopoulos

The Blue Trees

by Konstantin Dimopoulos

The Blue Trees is an environmental art installation that brings together environmental consciousness and social action.

Public Art Chattanooga hosted Konstantin Dimopoulos for a six week residency in October of 2016. Over the course of his stay, we hosted 14 volunteer days where 282 volunteers put in 80 hours assisting the artist in completing 6 installations at the Hunter Museum of American Art, Riverfront Parkway, The Creative Discovery Museum, the Bessie Smith Cultural Center, Guild Trail and Calvin Donaldson Elementary School.

By bringing the community together to color trees throughout our city and our neighborhoods, the artist transforms the way we view trees and our outdoor spacesraising awareness of how individually and collectively we shape the world we inhabit. Organic and ephemeral, the artwork changes through the cycles of nature and the color gradually fades away over the course of a year.

This project is generously supported by the City of Chattanooga with private funding from the Benwood Foundation, the Lyndhurst Foundation, and the Footprint Foundation.

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