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We have a number of public art projects in the planning process in neighborhoods throughout the City.

Lynnbrook Park Public Art Project

Creative Strategist Josiah Golson worked with the community to inspire and inform Lynnbrook Park's conceptual layout. As the Park heads into construction this Fall, Golson will continue to engage the community this Summer to inform how public art can be incorporated into the park and meet the needs of the community.

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MLK Underpass Activation Art Project

Public Art Chattanooga (PAC) is partnering with the Martin Luther King (MLK) Neighborhood Association to transform the space underneath the East MLK Blvd. overpass into a safe destination and vibrant gateway, as the road below it currently is dark and dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Chattanooga Skatepark Project

The Chattanooga Skatepark Project will renovate the existing skatepark on Reggie White Boulevard. The new facility will serve as both a recreation space for the community and a training facility for athletes, but also provides the opportunity for public art inclusion through a community driven design process.

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