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Budget: $30.00 per square foot plus artist's fee for community workshops




Public Art Chattanooga is seeking mural artists’ and artist team qualifications to be considered for community mural projects in Chattanooga neighborhoods for fiscal year 2020 through 2021 (July 2019 - June 2021). Current projects include prominent exterior murals on the Brainerd and Avondale Youth and Family Development (YFD) Centers. 


Community Muralists will work with the community to design and create exterior murals for the Avondale and Brainerd YFD Centers


Art in Neighborhoods: Woodmore Manor-Brainerd YFD Center


The Woodmore Manor neighborhood association has identified the unusual curved concrete architectural feature (approx: 20’w x 25’h) on the Brainerd YFD center facing N. Moore Road as an opportunity to create an iconic artwork and welcoming environment at the Brainerd Complex. Residents hope the mural will serve as a visual draw from N. Moore Road and make a positive statement about the culture and character of Woodmore Manor and the surrounding community.


Art in Capital: Avondale YFD Center

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The Avondale community expressed interest in a mural during input sessions for the design of the new YFD center. The new Center has  included a prominent space (12'-4" h x 42'-6"w) for a large scale mural on the exterior wall facing Wilcox Blvd. The surface will be prepped with an MDO panel substrate suitable for any type of paint application, including mural cloth. 



PAC will execute contracts based on a price of $30 per square foot for each mural project in addition to the artist’s fee for community workshops to inform the creation of a site-specific, community informed mural. The artist’s budget should include all costs related to design, art supplies, wall/surface prep, and sealing, materials for workshops, community events, equipment for installation, insurance, permits, assistant painters, production support and other relevant costs relating to the production of the mural.



  1. Plan and co-facilitate at least 2 community workshops and/or community engagement activities with PAC. 
  2. Collaborate with PAC staff and partners to engage the larger community in the mural design and/or making the process.  
  3. Present (3) preliminary mural concepts/sketches for community feedback. 
  4. Finalize Mural Design and technical details.
  5. Mural installation including wall prep and sealing.
  6. Photographs of Completed Mural.


Individual artists, artist-led teams and/or organizations may apply. Artists must be driven by collaborative work and a commitment to community engagement.


Artistic merit and professional qualifications demonstrated in a dynamic portfolio of past work.


Artist’s team must include at least (1) muralist/artist with experience leading the design, execution, and/or installation of a mural or other work of exterior art.

-Artist’s team must include at least (1) muralist/artist with experience facilitating group processes and/or teaching art classes.

-Experience working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders and communities including marginalized and Spanish speaking communities.

-Ability to communicate effectively and synthesize abstract concepts.



Artists applying to provide Mural Artist services to the City will be evaluated by an artist selection panel. One artist will be selected for each project and approved by the Chattanooga Public Art Commission to provide services for a community mural for a one year contract with an option to renew for an additional year. PAC will execute contracts based on a price of $30 per square foot for each mural project in addition to the artist’s fee for community workshops. 


Artists and teams responding to the Mural Artist RFP may outsource a portion of their scope to sub-contractors as approved by PAC if needed to provide the required services for each project.


Artists and organizations will be required to meet the City of Chattanooga’s standard terms and coverage requirements for applicable insurance limits including, professional general liability, worker’s compensation and automobile. 

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