Clamber Scramble Traverse

by Adam Kuby

Public Art Chattanooga partnered with the Trust for Public Land to commission a sculptural adventure trail at Sterchi Farm Trailhead.

Clamber Scramble Traverse is a series of raised stone ramps leading to various challenging climbs and traverses, for both play and exercise alongside the Chickamauga Greenway trail.





About the Artist

Adam Kuby has studied and worked in the fields of landscape architecture, sculpture, urban forestry, zoo habitat design and landscape restoration. He collaborates with the built and unbuilt world to foster a sense of connectedness in our increasingly fractured environment. His work provides the opportunity to explore how human and non-human ecologies can better coexist, or at least come into closer dialogue. Kuby is based in Portland, Oregon.




About the Film

Annie Huntington  is a filmmaker and photographer specializing in commercials, documentaries and portrait photography.





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